Saturday, November 26, 2011

Changes and a contest!

Good evening! It is almost DECEMBER! I can hardly believe that this year has gone by so quickly. I have finally started my Christmas shopping - the earliest I have ever started. Normally, I wait for snow. Enough about me, on to baby wearing news!

First, a reminder about the next baby wearing meeting. Though the place we meet hasn't changed, you might notice the name on the sign is different. It now reads the (re)birth wellness centre. The lovely ladies inside still offer the same fantastic support and services, just with a new name.

Our next meeting is on Friday, December 2 from 10am til noon at the (re)birth centre, 256 Central Ave. in downtown London. Parking is available at meters on Central Ave. and Wellington St., or free if you are willing to walk a bit further from a side street.

I also wanted to let our followers know about a contest that Michelle from Natural Mother Productions is running just in time for Christmas. Everyone who enters has a chance to win a custom NPM baby carrier! Check out "Natural Mother Productions" on Facebook and check under "Notes" for more details on how to enter and win.

Looking forward to seeing lots of mamas (and daddies, of course!) at the meeting next week!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

An introduction.

Hello! I'm Catherine, and I have been given the reins to post on this blog about babywearing. Kendra is a very trusting person, but I think, in this case, it is well-placed.

I am a first time mom to a wonderful little boy. I was introduced to babywearing by my lovely sister in law, who wore her second child and taught me how to carry him in a structured carrier. When my son was born, she once again stepped up and taught me to wrap my baby, when he was just a few days old. I was recovering from a c-section, and wearing my baby gave him the closeness he needed, and gave me my hands back to do the basics around the house.

It wasn't perfect, but it worked for us. I attended my first babywearing meeting in May, and was hooked. I even went home with a new wrap, thanks to Kendra, and a better way to wear him, thanks to a princess called Carly. ;)

Since the Geckos Tanami came home with us, I have steadily been acquiring more wraps and carriers. Each of them hold a special place in my collection, and I am a wee bit ashamed to say I now have a different carrier or wrap for each day of the week. In my defence, they each serve a different purpose, and I chose each and every one of them with care.

I love the idea of babywearing, and am thrilled to be able to pass along what I have leared and am learning to those new to wrapping. As I move forward in this blog, I hope to open a discussion about the benefits of babywearing, different carriers (both structured and wraps) and different techniques to try out.

I look forward to your input! As much as I like to talk about myself, I hope this can become a reader-directed blog, covering what you are interested in. Please leave comments, so I can get ideas about what to look at.

Happy Babywearing!